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Czech language course at State University
- 2 semesters, CEFR: B2

2 499 EUR
The program consists of a Czech language course adapted for foreigners at a state university, consultations on interviewing at an embassy of the Czech Republic, career guidance services, preparing a checklist for obtaining a visa, sending original documents to a client by mail or DHL. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic: acquaintance with the university, where language courses will be held; registration with the Ministry of the Interior together with a StartAndStudy employee.

The course is intended for:
applicants or students who wish to receive free higher education at universities in the Czech Republic and at the same time do not speak the Czech language; for those who want to come for an exchange to the university or to practice.

At the end of the course, students communicate freely in Czech and enter state universities on a budgetary basis. Upon completion of the course, a final exam is taken and a certificate of level B1 - B2 is awarded.
Teachers are experts, native speakers, philologists.
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Online learning of the Czech language
- 2 semester, CEFR: B2)

1 190 EUR
The program is suitable for those who do not speak the Czech language, as well as those who have already studied but did not get the desired result. At the end of the course, students are fluent in Czech. After completing the course, the final exam is taken and the student receives a certificate of level A2 - B1.

The author's course is developed for those who wish:
to get higher education at universities in the Czech Republic; immigrate; find a job; open a company; buy property in the Czech Republic; travel; adapt in a European country.

The course also includes career guidance services, assistance in finding a university, advice on obtaining a visa and assistance in obtaining insurance.
Professional experience in preparing students for this course is 9 years.
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Online learning of the Czech language
- 1 semester distance with continuing studies at a Czech university *, CEFR: A2

890 EUR
The program is developed for beginners to learn the Czech language, but wanting to achieve results in a short time. The course ends with an exam and obtaining a certificate of level A1 - A2. After completing the first semester, the student, if necessary, continues to study the language at a university in the Czech Republic.

Author's course for those who wish:
save time and enter a Czech university; move to permanent residence; change the scope of activity; travel; improve knowledge and skills; learn a new language.

The course consists of setting goals and terms, drawing up a curriculum, career guidance, assistance in finding and preparing for admission to a university, and consultations when applying for a visa.
*Continuing studies at a Czech university is paid separately.
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Medical insurance

449 EUR
Medical insurance covers the costs of necessary medical care, including emergency. The contract is concluded only with an insurance company authorized to provide such an insurance policy in the Czech Republic. University entrance program The entrant will be told in detail about universities and faculties, the programs studied and entrance exams. We will also get an in-depth look at the education system in the Czech Republic.
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299 EUR
We’ll reserve a place to live in a dormitory. We’ll register you at the time of training. We’ll provide the original documents for opening a visa.

University entrance

University entrance
299 EUR
We’ll work out skills and knowledge: critical, analytical, verbal, mathematical thinking; spatial imagination; English.


239 EUR
We’ll help to prepare a full package of documents and register them for nostrification of secondary or higher education.

Adaptation program in CR

Adaptation program in CR
99 EUR
We’ll introduce you to the city, the transport system, and the conditions of your stay. We’ll help you open a bank account. Public transport ticket as a gift.


Brief about Start&Study

Czech educational company. We are developing a strategy for entering universities and help in obtaining a long-term residence permit. We combine the trends of the educational market and offer an individual approach to effectively solve client problems.

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