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One of the largest megacities of the world that is known even in the most remote corners of our planet.

The streets of the Tokyo labyrinth of skyscrapers dotted with neon signs, bright youth and white-collar workers, a crazy stream of vital energy 24/7 among which lurked “at every step” restaurants once used to be street food, where you can take a breath after a tasty meal and go with a new charge of energy again following their ambitions on the roads of the technological capital of the world.

It would seem how possible it is to create a city with the largest population and at the same time make it the safest, with the lowest crime rate, settlement? But the Japanese did it! Make sure of this by walking along the fashionable central streets of the Ginza district, office strongholds on Shinjuku, the most passage and popular street of Shibuya, Ikebukuro youth district, along Odaiba Tokyo Bay, Roppongi nightlife district, Akihabara electronics district and Ueno museum complexes!

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Czech educational company. We are developing a strategy for entering universities and help in obtaining a long-term residence permit. We combine the trends of the educational market and offer an individual approach to effectively solve client problems.

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