The most important thing about Czech education
Top-4 Czech universities

University - your home for five years!

More than 150 specialties in leading European universities, over 90 budgetary directions for applicants in the Czech Republic.

26 state universities are ready to accept students from all over the world on the same conditions.

Ranking of the most popular universities is as follows:

1st place - Charles University. The oldest university in Europe, which trains specialists in 6 areas and 50 specialties, ranks 89 in the European ranking from the European Universities Ranking.

2nd place - Czech Technical University. The oldest technical university in the world, the largest in Europe. Over 23 thousand students study full-time.

3rd place - Higher School of Economics. The largest economic university in the Czech Republic. It occupies 73rd place in the world ranking of economic universities according to the Financial Times.

4th place - Czech Agrotechnical University, has a high level of training in 14 areas, is in the top 100 best universities in Europe.

You can enrol in a famous European university.

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Czech educational company. We are developing a strategy for entering universities and help in obtaining a long-term residence permit. We combine the trends of the educational market and offer an individual approach to effectively solve client problems.

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