The most important thing about Czech education
The best place to study, relax and work

Paint your life with bright colors!

Higher education and decent work is the goal of many students.

Studying in the Czech Republic, you can recommend yourself. Responsibility, competence, organization are always appreciated by employers, and many students already in the last courses are employed in international companies.

The Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen Agreement, and many students manage to combine training and affordable travel in European countries. Fly off for a weekend in Amsterdam or take a ride on a high-speed train to Berlin - easy! The Czech Republic is very conveniently located: you can easily go to Vienna, Bratislava, Munich …

There are many myths about admission to universities in the Czech Republic. The most common misconception: students lose a year in a preparatory course of learning the Czech language before entering the university.

We hasten to refute this stereotype. Secondary education in the Czech Republic lasts 13 years, while studying at a university on a bachelor’s program is only three years. This is its main advantage and difference. The term of study in the bachelor’s program in the Commonwealth of Independent States is four years, so a student, attending preparatory courses, studies at the level of Czech students and does not lose a year.

To enter Czech state universities in Czech or English, you need to nostrify a school certificate or recognize a diploma of higher completed education. Nostrification - confirmation of a certificate / diploma, which is carried out directly in the Czech Republic and lasts from 4 to 7 months. You can order this service separately, StartAndStudy will help deal with all the conditions and procedures during the passage of nostrification.

It is very important to adapt in the new country and understand the education system during the preparatory year! Enrolling in a Czech university is only the first step, but to be able to study in it and achieve results is the task of a completely different level. The Czech Republic differs countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States in its approach and requirements in the educational sphere, and our main task is to prepare you for this.

Brief about Start&Study

Czech educational company. We are developing a strategy for entering universities and help in obtaining a long-term residence permit. We combine the trends of the educational market and offer an individual approach to effectively solve client problems.

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