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Documents preparation

We will help to prepare the documents - without stress! 

Every year, thousands of students are sent to the Czech Republic to receive the  European-style diploma, but the difficult process of preparing documents and obtaining a visa often becomes an obstacle.

Applying for a visa, preparing for an interview and generally moving, recognizing a diploma or certificate, entering the university and much more depends on your permanent place of residence. Many companies providing services in this area, overlook the peculiarities of the package of documents and individual preparation for the interview, due to your country of residence.

That is why StartAndStudy specialists constantly monitor changes in the process of preparing and submitting documents from different countries. 

Czech is the main language of study in the Czech Republic, but in addition, there are more than 1000 curricula in English, education is possible at all levels and in all areas.

We offer the following plan for the preparation of documents:

1. Choice of curriculum

Preparation of documents should begin with the choice of curriculum and language of instruction. Learning should be fun, so decide on your wishes and intentions. If the choice of profession scares you, and you can’t stop at any direction of the training, contact our consultants: they will help you to find answers at your questions. We have compiled the list of available educational institutions of the Czech Republic and their programs, as well as help you find the programs covered by the scholarship.

StartAndStudy cooperates only with Prague and Brno-rated state educational institutions and offers semi-annual / annual intensive Czech language courses that will help you prepare for your studies, as well as for entrance exams.

We offer a new comprehensive approach to the educational sphere, in our team - exclusively professionals who will assist and support each client individually.

2. Preparation of basic documents required by the Czech Embassy

The main document and the basis for admission to the university is a completed secondary education.

Please note: previously passed final exams will not affect the result of admission: ZNO (Ukraine), EGE (Russia), UNT (Kazakhstan), etc.

Therefore, you will need:

  • high school diploma;
  • if you have previously received a bachelor's degree, you must provide a diploma for admission to the subsequent master's program; 
  • master's degree to participate in the doctoral program.

Bachelor's and master's degrees obtained earlier in your country must pass the appropriate tests and receive confirmation: your degree is recognized in the Czech Republic. In addition to certified copies of your educational qualifications, you usually need a completed and submitted application, proof of payment for you as a future student and a document on compliance with the terms of the chosen curriculum (this could be a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation, a portfolio, an English proficiency test or a test for proficiency: NSZ or SCIO tests).

3. Check the deadlines and requirements of your country's embassy for a long-term visa

After you decide on what specialties you want to apply for, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for admission and terms. Each university has its own admission procedure, and their conditions may vary. Therefore, if you need advice, contact our consultants. You can also contact the research department or the international department of the respective university.

4. Registration for filing a package of documents to the embassy

Interviewing Depending on your citizenship, you will need to submit a pre-prepared package of documents with an application for applying for a long-term visa for departure and study in the Czech Republic. If you are not a citizen of the EU, the time for consideration of the application is from 60 to 120 days. Experienced StartAndStudy specialists will help to prepare all the documents required for applying for a long-term visa.

5. Getting a positive decision about your visa

After reviewing your documents, the Czech Embassy in your country will contact you by phone or in writing and provide you with a visa solution. And, of course, we congratulate you. Such a long and difficult stage behind! It's time to collect things, buy tickets and get ready for training.

6. Arrival, check in and check in of your arrival 

Upon arrival in the Czech Republic you have a lot of organizational efforts. StartAndStudy will help you to get acquainted with the city, settle down, deal with the Czech municipal transport system, check in arrival and much more. Now you will find a lot of interesting and informative. Enjoy your staying and studying in the Czech Republic!

Brief about Start&Study

Czech educational company. We are developing a strategy for entering universities and help in obtaining a long-term residence permit. We combine the trends of the educational market and offer an individual approach to effectively solve client problems.

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